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Unity Ceremony On A Wedding Day - An Addition That Is A Must


No matter what kind of wedding ceremony is being held or preferred by a couple, one thing is for sure, it is soaked in traditions, oftentimes it is religious and there are also instances wherein it is secular, and this may vary in accordance to the particular backgrounds as well as desires that the bride and groom may have. In this article, one thing that we will be introducing to you is the unity ceremony. When we say unity ceremony, we are actually referring to a certain part of a wedding wherein it acknowledges the contributions of the family of the bride, the family of the groom, and oftentimes, even the children that they were able to bear before getting married, to the marriage itself.


Another thing that we want you to know with regards to unity ceremony is the fact that there are two types of them which have been part of the modern wedding ceremony being celebrated today. The first type of unity ceremony is one that unites the flames of three candles. This is a kind of unity ceremony whose origin is unknown and is believed to have something to do with the tribal tradition of the Africans. The other type of unity ceremony is the one that uses the blending of various colored sands at www.unitysand.net and likely has its origins in Hawaiian or from the Native American traditions.


No matter what type of unity ceremony you would want to have, both of them are meaningful and beautiful plus, it symbolizes the union of two hearts and two souls as one, bound by the sacrament of marriage. You should also know that the two types of unity ceremonies signify the new unity between the bride and the groom and also, uniting the two families as well. In addition to that, there also goes the fact that both of these ceremonies are conducted right after the bride and the groom exchanged their wedding rings and before or even after the pronouncement of them becoming man and wife. You might want to visit this website at http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/05/pf/average-wedding-costs/ for more info about unity sand.


For more than fifty years now, there are lots of couples from all over the world who are incorporating unity candles as part of the unity ceremony they will have during their wedding day. If you are planning on having unity candle ceremony for your wedding, it would be best for you to do your wedding indoor like in a church or chapel as outdoors may cause the flame to die out due to the wind, click here for more!